Control from your Keyboard

Call up Lacona by pressing a key, then type whatever you want to do. Lacona provides intelligent suggestions as you type and then follows your orders.

Open apps, play music, find files, send texts, create reminders, search the web, schedule events, translate phrases, do math, define words, make calls, change your settings, and so much more, without learning any new commands.

Why You Need Lacona

  • Blazingly Fast

    You have stuff to get done. Don't waste time clicking the dock and juggling tabs a thousand times a day. Let Lacona handle that, so you can spend time on the things that matter.

  • Blissfully Simple

    You're not a robot. You don't have time to memorize complicated commands. Lacona understands plain English, in all its complexity, so you can focus on getting stuff done.

  • Incredibly Powerful

    You're a power user. Don't settle for a launcher that just opens things. Schedule events, make calls, play music, change your settings and so much more without stopping what you're doing.

  • Completely Flexible

    You're an individual. Your tools should work your way. Lacona has many useful Addons, and can control social media and connected devices with IFTTT, so you can accomplish anything you need to.

Pixel-perfect Design

Lacona is a new way of interacting with your computer, so every feature has been carefully designed. Lacona's understanding of your command is beautifully highlighted, clearly but subtly labeled, and given iconography where appropriate. The style integrates with the macOS theme, so it always feels like it belongs.

The result is a beautiful, effortless experience that gives you the power you want without ever breaking your focus from the work that you need to do.

The Sky's the Limit with Addons

Lacona is built to be extended. A powerful Node.js-based API allows developers to easily create, useful new commands and extend existing ones, without any knowledge of natural language processing.

If you want to get involved, read the Addon Documentation, and get help on the Gitter Chat. Some Scholarships are available for aspiring developers.

Anyone can use Addons, but each use will incur a brief delay until you purchase Lacona Pro.

Control Anything with IFTTT

You can trigger IFTTT applets straight from Lacona.

This means that the entire internet is open to you. Post to social media, control your connected lights and appliances, manage your wearables, and more... right from Lacona. The possiblities are literally endless, but you should check out some examples.

IFTTT functionality provided by the IFTTT Addon. Learn how to use it.

The Long List of Features

Here are some of the things that Lacona can do for you.

  • Open Apps, Preferences, Contacts & Files

    Lacona is faster than Spotlight for finding and launching your stuff. Your time is valuable, don't waste it with subpar tools.

  • Open URLs and File Paths

    If you want to open something, don't worry about finding the right box to type it - Lacona can handle it all.

  • Search the Web

    You'll never need to see the Google homepage again. Search any search engine straight from Lacona.

  • Create Reminders & Schedule Events

    Specify dates and times any way you like - Lacona understands plain English. It also understands dates defined in your Contacts, such as "remind me to plan a party 2 weeks before Mom's birthday."

  • Play Music in iTunes

    Search through your iTunes music and effortlessly play songs by name, artist, album, or genre. You can also specify many items to create an impromptu playlist.

  • Make Calls, Send Texts, and Draft Emails

    Don't bother reaching for your phone - communicate straight from Lacona. Lacona understands when you type your contacts, and also when you enter phone numbers & email addresses directly.

  • Make Calculations & Unit Conversions

    When you need to do a quick sum, or make sense of the units a recipe, Lacona has your back.

  • Define Words

    Look up dictionary words without even opening an app.

  • Translate Phrases and Websites

    Open Google Translate to translate phrases and websites.

  • Choose the App to Open Files & Websites

    Sometimes you just need to open that image in Photoshop, or that website in Firefox. Lacona has you covered.

  • Move, Copy & Delete Files

    Ditch the drag-and-drop. Do your basic file management from anywhere with Lacona.

  • Quit, Activate, Hide, and Relaunch Apps

    Don't even think about touching the Dock. Lacona has you covered.

  • Reveal Apps & Files in Finder

    Every once in a while, you still do need to use Finder. When that happens, use Lacona to get started.

  • Clipboard Support

    Lacona knows the contents of your clipboard, so it can make intelligent suggestions. Copy a web address, then easily open it in Safari. Copy an unknown word, and effortlessly define it.

  • System Context

    If you've got your browser open, Lacona knows the current page, which makes it easy to translate or open in a different browser. Likewise, if you have Finder open, you can effortlessly move files into the open directory.

  • Change your System Settings

    Manage Bluetooth, Wifi, Do Not Disturb, and more. You can set a time limit on all of these settings, so you'll never forget to change them back.

  • Trigger System Commands

    Shutdown, restart, sleep, lock, log out, empty the trash, turn off the display, and more. No need to memorize hotkeys for things like this.

  • Eject Mounted Volumes

    Safely remove mounted USB Drives. This also works on those pesky .dmg files.

  • Search & Open GitHub Repos

    Log into your GitHub account to easily manage your Repos straight from Lacona.

  • Prevent Sleeping

    No more jiggling the mouse during Netflix. Give your computer a dose of caffeine when you won't be touching it for a while.

  • Set Alarms & Timers

    Did you know that Siri for Mac can't set alarms or timers? Lacona can!

  • Convert Currency

    Convert between every major global currency with the latest exchange rates.

  • Convert Time Zones

    Don't rely on your jetlagged brain to figure out what time it is back home - let Lacona do that for you.

  • Create and Edit Notes

    Create new notes in, and add lines to existing notes. Perfect way to keep logs or shopping lists.

  • Switch Audio Devices

    Managing wireless headphones and microphones is truly the worst. Lacona makes it effortless.

  • Run Terminal Commands

    Don't boot up Terminal to run a one-off command - run it straight from Lacona. This is especially convenient if you have Finder open - the command runs in the current directory by default.

  • Run AppleScript Scripts

    Trigger any of the built-in system AppleScript commands - or any that you've written yourself - straight from Lacona. Unparalleled control of your computer.

  • Call your Phone

    Stop asking your coworkers to give you a call when you misplace your phone - trigger IFTTT to call you.

  • Save Websites with Pocket or Instapaper

    Stop bookmarking websites that you need to look at later - effortlessly maintain a reading list with Pocket or Instapaper.

  • Tweet or Post to Facebook

    Do you ever want to post to Twitter or Facebook without getting sucked in and wasting time. Do it straight from Lacona, distraction-free.

  • Add to Todoist

    Add entries to Todoist using Lacona's full date and time parsing magic. Nothing compares.

  • Control your TV or your Garage Doors

    Control any connected device that works with IFTTT, without taking your hands off the keyboard.

  • Add Journal Entries to Day One

    Quickly keep a log of what everything that happens without breaking your focus from your work.

  • Make Announcements on Ubi

    Make your Ubi talk directly from Lacona. This is useful for something other than pranks, I promise.

  • Send Messages on Skype or SalesForce Chatter

    Instantly send one-off messages when you need to keep your coworkers in the loop.

  • Beep your Findables

    Lost your keys? If they have an XY Findable attached, make them beep straight from Lacona.

  • Set your Nest Thermostat

    Turn off the heat in an instant without even taking your fingers off the keyboard.

  • Control your DIY Electronics

    Are you a hacker? Control your projects that use Adafruit, MESH, littleBits, and more. There is no better way to give your project a powerful natural language interface.

  • Features that are built-in to Lacona and are usable for free forever.
  • Features that are available using Addons. Using Addons will incur a brief delay without Lacona Pro.
  • Examples of features that are available through the IFTTT Addon. IFTTT features require some manual configuration.

What Are You Waiting For?

Lacona and its hundreds of features are free to use forever. Using Addons will incur a brief delay until you purchase Lacona Pro.

What are you waiting for?