Call up Lacona with a keyboard shortcut and type whatever you want to do. It gives intelligent suggestions as you type and then follows your orders.

  • ~1 Email/Month
  • @lacona on Twitter

Ditch the Dock

With Lacona, your Apps, Bookmarks, Files, System Preferences, Contacts, and more are only a few keystrokes away. You can also manage your open apps right from your keyboard.

  • open Calendar
  • open Parental Controls
  • open Facebook and Twitter
  • open Bruce Banner
  • iTunes
  • quit Safari
  • open in Safari and Firefox
  • switch to Messages
  • open
  • open ~/Downloads/Lacona.dmg
  • open Gmail and Reminders and
  • close Reminders
  • open todo.txt
  • open my-document.docx with Pages

Organize your Life, not your Calendar

Create reminders and schedule events as though you were talking to a person. Lacona understands. You can even use birthdays and anniversaries in your commands. It's natural!

  • schedule Party at 7pm Friday
  • remind me to Pick up the car September 12 at 11:30am
  • remind me to Buy a gift 2 weeks before my wife's birthday
  • schedule Vacation 10a Monday to 6:30p Thursday
  • remind me to Buy a gift 7 days before 12/1
  • remind me to Call Jenny
  • schedule Ski Trip Next Friday to Sunday
  • remind me to Charge my phone at 9pm

Setting Settings, Settled

With Lacona, there is no need to fiddle with menus and forms to change your basic settings. Turn off your Wifi, turn on Do Not Disturb, eject drives, or even restart your computer with just a few keystrokes. You can set time limits on settings, so you won't forget to change them back.

  • turn on wifi
  • toggle bluetooth
  • shutdown
  • eject Lacona.dmg
  • turn off display
  • empty Trash
  • enable bluetooth
  • toggle wifi and do not disturb for 25 minutes
  • turn on the screensaver

Seek and Ye Shall Find

Search the web like a boss. Use powerful fallthrough functionality to save even more keystrokes. You can even search multiple sites with a single command.

  • search Google for pictures of cats
  • Google stormtroopers
  • Amazon Avengers
  • search Wikipedia for Pluto
  • search eBay and Amazon for iPhone 6

Your Personal DJ

Instantly play anything in your iTunes library, without ever touching the mouse. Choose a bunch of songs or artists together to build an impromptu playlist. You can also control playback effortlessly.

  • play Couch Potato
  • play Wild Life
  • play next song
  • play Walk the Moon
  • play Forever and I Bet My Life and Nicki Minaj
  • play next song
  • play Pop and Jazz
  • pause

Keep in Touch

Easily communicate with all of your contacts over Email, FaceTime, and iMessage. Make calls and send texts through your iPhone. Smoke signals not yet supported.

  • call Mom
  • email Tony Stark
  • email Dinner Plans to Clinton and Natalia
  • facetime my boss
  • facetime Bruce Banner
  • call my Husband
  • email [email protected]
  • call +1 617 867 5309

Become a Global Citizen

Quickly translate words, phrases, and websites between languages. It's the quickest, most natural interface for Google Translate.

  • translate мороженное
  • translate
  • translate 我爱你 to Korean
  • translate como estas? from Spanish to Japanese
  • translate hujambo from Swahili
  • translate I don't know to Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish

The Sky's the Limit

Lacona is built to be extended. An open Developer API gives it the power do anything you need, quickly and easily. Here are some ideas. Currently Available to Developers!

  • tweet just setting up my twttr #blessed
  • skype Aaron
  • email my last instagram picture to Mom
  • calculate sqrt(5)
  • turn off the kitchen lights
  • pronounce indefatigable
  • check APPL
  • set default browser to Firefox
  • set a timer for 25 minutes
  • execute ps -ef | grep -i lacona
  • email walking directions from Penn Station NY to my house to Pepper Potts
  • block
  • subscribe to lifehacker
  • paste my last tweet
  • fork lacona/lacona
  • define antediluvian
  • roll d12
  • find flights from SFO to BOS on 8/6/2015
  • yo THEDUDE
  • set an alarm for 6am on Christmas
  • check the weather in Boston