Lacona costs money to develop, but we understand that not everybody can afford to pay for the app. Because of this, we offer a scholarship program for Addon Developers. It's simple:

  1. Build a useful, novel, non-trivial, functional, documented addon. Give it with an open-source license (such as the MIT License) and publish it to both a public repository (such as Github) and the Lacona Addons directory.
  2. Send an email to [email protected] from the email address used by your NPM account. Link to the addon source code, and write a few sentences describing what it does. If it is not immediately apparent, please describe how it is useful and novel. If you have any feedback on the development process, or encouraging stories about things that you learned along the way, feel free to share that as well!
  3. Within a few days, you will recieve a coupon code allowing you to purchase one Lacona license for $1. You may use it through the Purchase Lacona menu. This license is valid for the current major release of Lacona (1.x).

If you have already purchased a Lacona license, can still participate in the scholarship program. Keep maintaining your addon, and you will be able to submit it for a scholarship for next major release (Lacona 2.x).

Requirements to Qualify

  • Addons must be useful. It must be conceivable that more than a small handful of people would benefit from using the addon. Addons that are specifically tailored to individual needs and cannot be customized are not acceptable.
    • Addon that opens all of my favorite websites (hardcoded): unacceptable.
    • Addon that allows the user to assign names to groups of websites and open them: acceptable.
    • Addon that fetches information that could only possibly be relevant to the author: unacceptable.
    • Addon that fetches information about a niche hobby or small company: acceptable.
  • Addons must be novel. Addons that duplicate functionality of existing addons, duplicate functionality of built-in commands, or contain a subset of existing functionality are not acceptable. Simply changing the language used or taking a general (customizable) command and making it specific is not enough.
    • Addon that allows the user to open application using the word "app" instead of "open": unacceptable.
    • Addon that allows the user to play music in an application that is not iTunes: acceptable.
  • Addons must be non-trivial. A single-word command that runs a single basic task is not an acceptable submission. As a general rule of thumb, if an addon could be developed in less than 15 minutes by an experienced developer, it is too trivial to qualify. This is somewhat subjective - triviality will be determined by Lacona Labs on a case-by-case basis.
    • Addon that runs killall Finder when "restart Finder" is input: unacceptable.
    • Addon that runs arbitrary terminal commands based on input: acceptable.
  • Addons must be functional. An addon that fails installation or contains usability-impacting bugs is not acceptable.
  • Addons must be documented. At the very least, an appropriate Title and Description must be added that describes what an addon does and how to use it. A README file is appreciated.

Special Notes

  • Even if multiple people collaborate on addon development, only the individual who published the addon to NPM is elegible for a scholarship.
  • Addons relating in any way to illegal activity, pornography, piracy, hacking, or addons with malicious intent are not elegible for scholarships, and may be removed from the registry.
  • If the scholarship addon is removed from the registry, relicensed with a non-open license, removed from public availablity, fundamentally modified in purpose, or used for malicious purposes, the scholarship may be revoked and the license invalidated.
  • Lacona Labs reserves the right to refuse scholarships for any reason, even if not described above. Good reason will be given and the situation and explanation will be made available to the public.
  • Lacona Labs reserves the right to change this document at any time.