What Siri for Mac Should Have Been

Lacona simplifies your digital life by allowing your to perform hundreds of common tasks simply by typing them in plain English. Search the web, schedule events, create reminders, play music, launch apps, do math, find files, change your settings, message your contacts, translate text, and much more - all without switching apps or touching the mouse. Powerful shortcuts and intelligent suggestions supercharge your productivity so you can focus on what matters. A robust developer API system means that Lacona can do anything and everything you need it to.

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Lacona is developed by Lacona Labs. Lacona Labs is the ficticious name of Brandon Horst - a developer based out of the Cambridge, Massachusetts area.

Lacona has been a dream for nearly 10 years, but has been under full-time development since January, 2015.


Lacona was released in public beta on January 29, 2016, and left beta for full release on August 8, 2016. The current version is 1.1.0.

Lacona currently has around 2000 daily active users.


In July, Lacona was featured on ProductHunt, which brought in over 1700 upvotes, which earned it a place in Product Hunt's Most-Loved Products of Summer 2016.

Lacona was featured on Lifehacker, MacUpdate, and MakeUseOf.

There are also interesting writeups on GoToWebsites, MakeTechEasier, The Modern Desk.